Entryway Shoe Cubby DIY | Apartment Therapy

Entryways have a tough task: They need to balance being both beautiful and welcoming while also being super functional and organized. It’s a tall order! Nida Mirza (Nimistyle) found that her entryway wasn’t exactly living up to the needs of her family. The biggest problem was the pile of shoes at the door. “I believe that if I need to move things out of the way to take a picture, then those things don’t belong there to begin with, and that is exactly what was happening with our entry,” Nida says. “It was completely nonfunctional with shoe piles I was constantly moving around.”

Without the shoes there, it was nice enough—but, Nida says, lacking style. “The space was decorated minimally, which is what I strive for, but had no design,” she says. “We spent so much time working on the rest of our home that the entry kept

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A Vibrant New Rug Collection From The Duo Behind Dinosaur Designs

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, a good rug is hard to find. But put Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, the duo behind Dinosaur Designs, together with Australian heritage textile company, Designer Rugs, and you can feel assured you’re in safe hands!

This six-piece collaboration collection casts three of both Louise’s and Stephen’s oil paintings onto handknotted rugs, crafted in Nepal by traditional weavers. The rugs are made from Tibetan wool and silk, making them rich and luscious underfoot. ‘It’s like stepping on butter!’ says Louise.

While Stephen’s bold, geometric canvases are inspired by the vibrations and rhythms of the subconscious human mind, Louise’s evocative abstract pieces reference the patterns of nature. The result is a complementary yet quite different set of contemporary textile designs, each reflective of the pair’s long careers as individual artists, connected by their mutual love of colour.

‘Colour just lights

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