Watch Diane Keaton Declutter Her Closet on Instagram

Just when you thought Diane Keaton couldn’t get any more Diane Keaton-y, the iconic actress hits a new high. Sporting head-to-toe black and a hat that reads “KOOK” across the front, the legendary actress posted a video on Instagram of herself cleaning out her closet. And clearly, trying to KonMari her belongings is just as stressful for Keaton as it is for us normals. 

“It’s been a long time. I mean, I have a lot of clothing, and it’s time for me to let it go,” says Keaton, standing in her hallway, a sea of neutral tones with a lineup of her trademark hats in front of her. “And I’m going to give it to the Goodwill, because this is ridiculous.”

Captioned “Diane By Design: Diane Goes To Goodwill” (now that’s an HGTV show we’d definitely watch), Keaton writes that she’s lived in her home for three years, and her

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An Ultra Sophisticated Family Home

Mim Design is renowned for creating sophisticated, elegant interiors, and their MLB Residence in Albert Park is no exception! Alongside AdeB Architects, the interior design practice has introduced contemporary interiors to this Edwardian home, with spectacular results.

Mim Design associate Kristiina Reeve says the main priority for this home was for the interiors to feel warm and inviting, and to meet the practical needs for a family of five. ‘Our main inspirations were based around the idea of family, and what this means to a home,’ Kristiina says. ‘A typical Albert Park block isn’t large, so creating usable family spaces were crucial.’ Storage has been maximised via the inclusion of several hidden derails, such as a bar underneath the stairs, a fold-down bed incorporated into the study cabinetry, and a sliding screen that conceals the television. An attic space also contains a playroom for the children. 

The interiors, while contemporary,

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Comforting Words From Six Mums Who Know Best

Cassie Byrnes, Melbourne, VIC

What’s something you learned from your Mum that remains with you today?

Definitely resilience. My Mum has had a pretty rough run in life, which is easy to forget because she is so warm and loving and just gets on with it (as Mums tend to do). In my older age (and since becoming a Mum) I now understand how difficult some of the setbacks must have been, and how she did totally amazing things while raising four kids.

What is something you tell your kids in tricky times?

Well, Lottie is only seven months old, so to her tricky times really just consist of trying to sit up in her sleeping bag or managing to grip on to her pear slices with her tiny slippery fingers…. so I just cheer her on like, ‘You can do it girl, get that pear!’.

What kind of world

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