4 Things Real Estate Agents Think You Should Know About Homebuying in 2020

Real estate agents across the country were gearing up for a strong spring sales market—that is, until COVID-19 hit. The pandemic quickly changed how agents do business, leaving buyers and sellers with questions about how the process of homebuying will fare in 2020. 

Real estate agents don’t have the crystal ball when it comes to the 2020 market. But they are getting a sense of how the rest of the year will look: Heavily virtual, for one, with limited open houses, a focus on online marketing, and a dose of economic uncertainty. Here, find agents’ top takeaways when it comes to buying a house this year.

Prepare for a more digital and precautious homebuying experience.

Agents spoke to a change now reflected in most of our lives: Everything has moved online. Client meetings are happening by phone and FaceTime, open houses are replaced by video tours, parts

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