The Former Journalist Turned Designer, Making The Furniture He Couldn’t Find

Before he was an award-winning furniture maker, James Howe used to be a journalist. He knows what it means to make something from nothing.

‘I really had no interest in furniture growing up, and hadn’t even heard of furniture design as a discipline until a few years ago!’ James recalls. ‘Having said that, I realise now I had some solid role models in design.’ He explains how his grandfather and uncle migrated from the Netherlands to Tarlee, South Australia, and promptly built a farm from the ground up. The resulting buildings were beautiful and now, with an appreciation for design, James revels in the property’s meticulously organised floorplan. Craftsmanship and great design is in James’ blood, even if it isn’t in his training.

‘I don’t have training in any design or craft discipline,’ he explains, a fact which seems unbelievable when you view his perfectly proportioned designs. His minimal, tactile

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