Why You Need a Rug Pad Under Your Area Rugs

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You search high and low for the perfect rug then just plop it on the floor without so much as a second thought, only to have the inevitable happen: Dents from heavy furniture, annoying wrinkles, or worse—potentially an accident slipping on a wonky corner. The obvious fix here is a rug pad, but the better approach would have been to get one before you had a reason to.

While safety is first on the long list of rug pad benefits, did you know that rug pads can actually extend the life and condition of your area carpets and floors? And that’s not insignificant because rugs—and flooring—can both be major investments worth protecting. But before you buy just any old rug pad, there are a number of key details to keep in mind when

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Ross Gardam’s Handblown Glass Lights Ripple Like The Ocean

When we last checked in with Ross Gardam, he was shortlisted for The Design Files 2019 Design Awards with his STUNNING Hemera Desk Lamp and Nebulae Chandelier Collection. Since then, his practice has grown and moved quite a lot, focusing on breaking into the American market, and releasing a raft of new products.

One of those is the Ceto collection, a product that has taken over a year to develop. Inspired by Venetian glassblowing artisans, Ross and his team designed a glass light shade following the same Murano steps, which requires glass be blown into a preliminary mould (named an ‘optic’) before the secondary cast, which gives the fitting its final shape. ‘We wanted to use that traditional technique in a more abstract way,’ explains Ross, describing the unique shadow the double mould method imprints on the final pieces. ‘Each pattern has its own distinct personality.’

Despite its

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Thoughtful Home Deliveries To Nurture Your Creativity

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Buy A Bunch by Georgie Boy: Melbourne floral studio Georgie Boy are normally focused on events, but in the wake of COVID-19, they’ve commenced deliveries for the first time. Jump onto their Buy A Bunch page to snap up one of their limited weekly deliveries of seasonal, locally grown flowers. $30 + free delivery to select Melbourne suburbs. 

Flowers Vasette boxes: Melbourne icon Cherrie Miriklis-Pavlou, managing director of Flowers Vasette, wasted no time pivoting her business to the current times (read all about that here!), and is now offering a whole variety of flower and produce boxes. We recommend the Vitamin C Pack for keeping healthy and happy with plenty of fruit, veggies and flowers, or the Neighbourhood Box which provides enough blooms for sharing, or perhaps practicing your floral design! Boxes from $50. 

The Plant Society Home Plant Butler Kit: Keep your

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