Areaware Little Puzzle Thing Food-Shaped Puzzles

Puzzles can be feasts — 3000-piece beasts that take up your table and brain-space for days — but they can also be snacks. Areaware’s Little Puzzle Thing mini puzzles are meant to take just twenty minutes or less, and they’re shaped like food.

The mini puzzles come in the shapes of shrimp, ramen, popcorn, pizza, an eggplant, coffee, a pickle, a durian, a slice of birthday cake, a birthday candle, broccoli, cereal, fries, a gummy bear, a whole fish, a cheese puff, and way more. Their exact puzzle-piece number varies, but each one includes more than 70 pieces and measures around eight-by-eight inches when assembled.

Whether you’re working your way up to puzzle mastery or already do single-color, 4000-piece puzzles just for fun, think of these as an appetizer or a palette cleanser.

The puzzles are packaged in stylish square boxes apparently designed to make you want to build up

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Times Like These… With Writer Benjamin Law

Sydney-based writer Ben Law was surprisingly upbeat when we spoke on the phone late last week. It might have had something to do with the fact that he became an uncle less than 24 hours before our conversation, but I think it might just be the kind of person that he is – empathetic, entertaining, and deeply grateful for all that he has. Ben can transition easily between joking about sourdough starter to dissecting inequity through the lens of Centrelink benefits. And although he has lost a large portion of his own work for the foreseeable future, his greatest concerns are with the struggles of others.

Ben has been speaking up in support of his colleagues in the arts and entertainment community in the wake of COVID-19 – the events that took years to plan cancelled, the many months of incomes lost, and the way in which the arts has

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