Cheap DIY Bedroom Accent Wall Idea

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It doesn’t take a full-scale redo to transform the look a bedroom. Often, all you need is a well-placed accent wall. Syndey Lorence—on Instagram as @diysquid—knew that’s what she wanted for her master bedroom. Before, she says, “it was just your average wall. I had some pictures hung on the gray wall; nothing special. This house was built in the 1920s so it already had character, but it needed a little oomph.”

Sydney wanted an accent wall but wanted it to have a special feel—and she wanted it to be cheap. After some thought, she decided to take advantage of shims, which are sold at hardware stores and used in DIY projects to fill in gaps that are too big for putty. “Shims are super cheap and I thought they

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An Online Exhibition From Tangentyere Artists in Central Australia

Across Central Australia there are 18 ‘Town Camps’, the name given to Aboriginal housing associations around Mparntwe (Alice Springs). These include Larapinta, home to the Yarrenyty Arltere Artists and their internationally renowned soft sculptures, and Hidden Valley Town Camp, where Ewyenper Atwatye Artists create vibrant textiles. Together, the artists spread across these locations are known as Town Camp Artists, but apart, each artist produces their own distinct visions of family, identity and connection to place.

Tangentyere Artists is the Aboriginal owned and run arts centre that sits at its core. The Tangentyere studio, gallery and outreach program supports emerging and established artists in Mparntwe and at the Larapinta and Hidden Valley Town Camps. Created by the Elders of the Tangentyere Council, the word ‘tangentyere’ means ‘coming together, working together’.

Despite the fact that Town Camp Artists speak over ten different languages, one of the key factors of the

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A Castle on The Creek, With Pink Marble Interiors!

Sometimes I wonder if Wowowa Architects are aware of the pure astonishment experienced when people view their wondrous residential creations for the first time. Suffice to say – this Melbourne architecture firm know how to capture attention.

Case in point : Two red brick turrets make up the majority of Wowowa’s latest residential creation, which backs onto Merri Creek in Melbourne’s north. Though outwardly fort-like in its construction, the striking sculptural cylinders dominating the structure are in fact moulded on geometric farm relics and tall brick water structures. Echoes of medieval geometry ring through this strikingly contemporary home.

‘It was our ambition for the site to feel slightly ruinous,’ says Architecture Director at WOWOWA, Monique Woodward, of the colossal structures. ‘The landscaping is beginning to feel overgrown and sprawling,’ she describes. ‘And the robust nature [of the turrets] feels appropriate and protective, backing onto the bushland of Merri Creek.’


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