Free Stairway Redo Idea – DIY Boho Stairway Redo

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Sometimes it’s the overlooked spaces that can inspire the biggest and most gratifying transformations. Take the basement stairs in Melanie Schantz’s home, which started out pretty low priority. “The stairs were really worn looking. Both the stairs and walls around it were painted a terrible yellow. Every time I walked down them, I would always think of how I would redo them,” Melanie says. “The thing is, your basement stairs are always on the bottom of your list when you have projects guests are more likely to see.”

But social distancing at home gave Melanie some extra time to rethink the space. “Honestly, being quarantined right now made me want to take on some bigger projects—projects I wouldn’t necessarily take on otherwise,” she says. “I usually work with my mom redoing other people’s

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How To Make The Most Of #WorkingFromHome

How To Make The Most Of #WorkingFromHome

Creative People

by Sally Tabart

Take a tour through Lauren Li’s studio. Photo – Caitlin Mills for The Design Files.


Lauren Li, Interior Designer

It helps to have a nice area to spend time in, but above all, your working from home set up needs to be practical! We don’t have a lot of space, so I don’t keep things on my desk that I don’t need. I’d recommend grabbing a basket or plastic bag and just fill it with the things that aren’t work-related, and just sort it out later. I do like to have a nice leather mouse pad and some colourful storage accessories (Hay do some great stuff!) on my desk. I also like to burn a candle or use an oil diffuser or have some fresh flowers or foliage, just to keep the spirits up.

Another important

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