John Stamos Full House Couch

Although the reboot “Fuller House” is coming to an end, “Full House” will always be remembered for the moments that happened on and around the nostalgic couch. Speaking of which, have you ever wondered, “where is that couch now?” Whether or not you have, it’s now known for certain: in the possession of Uncle Jessie, a.k.a. John Stamos, who revealed that it was now in his possession.

On March 31, Stamos posted a photo on Instagram of the legendary blue plaid sofa, featured on the sets of both “Full House” and “Fuller House.” While its current use as a baby gate may not be its permanent role in the Stamos house, the couch will surely be a conversation starter for anyone who sees it. 

Even more intriguing is that his co-stars had no idea of its whereabouts—at least, that’s how they’re making it seem. Playful notes from past

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A Sleek and Serene Japanese-Inspired Home In Melbourne

‘Highbury Grove’ is the Prahran home of Gilad Ritz along with his wife and two children, and designed by his own architecture practice, Ritz&Ghougassian.  

Looking at the heritage facade, there are few clues as to what lies inside. Beyond the original two front bedrooms and entry corridor is what Ritz&Ghougassian co-director Jean-Paul Ghougassian describes as an ‘expression of volume and light, contrasting concrete block work and spotted gum timber.’

The inspiration behind this sleek extension was Japanese architect Arata Isozaki’s essay ‘MA, Space/Time in Japan.’ ‘Isozaki talks about time being a series of moments rather than a continuum, as expressed in the western tradition,’ says Jean-Paul. ‘We sought to express the home as a series of spatial rooms… Walls loosely defining space, allowing the outside world in through a number of apertures and breakout spaces.’

The largest of these breakout spaces is a leafy courtyard lying directly off the

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Another Week Of Home-Cooked Meal Ideas From Julia Busuttil Nishimura

Wow, things have changed a lot since I wrote up the first week of recipes for you all. We have moved to a stage of isolation where only essential services are staying open, and people are urged to stay home as much as possible (although, the messaging could surely be clearer!).

As much as it has been a huge shift in the way we normally live our lives, it’s definitely for the best, and a necessary approach that we all need to get on board with. In saying this though, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. We’ve seen a huge amount of job losses these past few weeks – especially in the hospitality sector – something that has personally affected my family. My husband, Nori, is a chef and with the new government measures last week, he found himself without a job. 2020 is definitely making us a resilient bunch

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