How to Paint a Door – Steps to Paint a Door with Photos and Video

Walls get a lot of love when it comes to decorating. And while there’s no doubt that painting the walls can have a huge impact on a room, it’s not the only place where you can infuse some color and personality into your home. Giving your doors a paint-over can seriously boost their style quotient, and can help hide scuff marks, to boot. Since it’s such a small surface area, painting a door is a perfect project to tackle in an afternoon; in a few hours, you’ll be able to show off your finished handiwork. Pick a perfect gray if you want a non-white neutral with a modern spin, or try a bright color for a spunky pop. Want something really bold? Go with a sophisticated shade of black. Happy painting!

What you’ll need to paint a door

First, consider the door you need to paint. For metal or

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A Designer’s ‘Curated Maximalist’ Apartment in Sydney

Newly built apartments sadly have a reputation for often being a little uninspiring, so when interior designer Jono Fleming set out apartment hunting in inner-city Sydney, he began by researching multi-residential projects by architecture firms he admired. ‘I admittedly was looking specifically at ‘designer’ apartments,’ Jono says. ‘I wanted to know I was investing in quality, and the firms I was familiar with would come with this guarantee.’ 

Jono’s strategy worked, leading him to discover a new project by SJB in Waterloo. ‘I had never seen a new build with so much character, but also blank enough for me to bring my own aesthetic in,’ he says. Even though the building was entirely new, the apartments contained design elements normally only found in decades old homes. ‘Beautiful detailed architraves, herringbone floors, and an exposed painted brick wall made the entire space feel like it had some history to it,’ says

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