13 Of The Best Bedside Tables!

Though isolation might be starting to really test us now, if you’re lucky enough to be able to work from home it’s sheer bliss to wake up without an alarm, make a cup of tea (or even better; have one brought to you) and linger in your cosy warm bed just a little longer in the morning with a bunch of magazines. Or let’s be real… an Insta scroll!

But with all this additional time spent at home, you may also be looking around and thinking that your bedroom could do with a spruce up. You’d love a neat spot for all those mags, books and cups of tea because the last thing you want to see is clutter on your bedside table before you go to sleep at night. A bedside table makeover is a brilliant place to start. Here are a few tips to find your perfect bedside solution.


There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when searching for your perfect bedside table; how much storage do you need? Do you just need a surface to charge your phone and that’s about it? Or do you need your bedside table top to fit ten books, a lamp, jewellery, glass of water, plant, glasses, picture frame, hand cream and a cup of tea? Do you want a drawer, or even a few drawers?

A bedside table with one drawer seems to suit most – there is ample storage, but still a lightness to this sort of design.


Finding a bedside table that is the right height alongside the bed AND that fits into the space is harder than it seems. A small bedside table next to a high bed can look out of scale and it’s also impractical to use. The top of the bedside table should be around the same height of the top of the mattress, give or take 15cm. Could your bedside table be rectangular, round, or maybe even oval? A round shape is wonderfully soft and gives some breathing space around the bed.


Sometimes when we’re looking for a bedside table, we should actually be looking for a side table. If you don’t need a drawer then a side table will suit you perfectly, and can allow for a more expressive piece. It could be a sculptural side table, something rustic or an elegant marble table. You can go for aesthetics rather than pure function.

Also, don’t forget that you don’t need to match the bedside tables and lamps on both sides. Mixing it up is a way to bring loads of personality to the room and create visual interest. Even consider a lovely dining chair (with a flat seat) as a bedside table for a super casual look!

One last thing to note…

If you still struggling to find your perfect bedside table… there is a secret weapon out there that allows you to find the perfect height and proportions, in just the right finish – a custom made piece!

There is another world of possibilities that custom made furniture can bring. Consider working with a local cabinet maker to design a set of bedside tables to your specific requirements. It could be integrated into the bedhead with a wall light over. The possibilities are endless! There are SO many great local makers to consider – we could write a whole other story on this! But as a starting point, check out Anthony Kleine of AKWT, Dustin Frische of Softer Studio, Just Adele, Made by Morgen (also listed below), and any of the furniture makers listed here!


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