How to make your kitchen feel cozy in minutes.

I love all things house and home related, especially when they are pretty, comfortable and cozy.

Over the last 9 months it has taken some adjustment not being able to get out and about like I used to. Instead of letting this upset me, I have found ways to embrace staying home.

With the holiday season and the arrival of the cold weather, I have been seeking out how to make my house feel cozier.

I successfully “cozied up” the living room, but the overhead lighting in the kitchen, even with candlelight wasn’t feeling cozy enough for me.

wine on table with candles and glasses

I tried to think of ways to up the “cozy factor” of the kitchen since I spend so much time in it. A glass of wine and candlelight always help, but still not enough. 🙂

So I had to think…

How Can Make My Kitchen Feel Cozy?

I have always wanted to add a small lamp to the kitchen counter as it is such a simple element to add. I never did it before as I thought there wouldn’t be enough room since I don’t have a lot of counter space to begin with.

Instead of letting space be an issue to adding a lamp to the kitchen counter, I figured why not try it.

So I took one of the small lamps that use to be in my foyer and placed it on the kitchen counter. It is a little too big, but I just wanted to get the idea.

I waited until it got dark and turned it on…. and…. I loved it! The warm, soft glow from the lamp made the usually cold feeling kitchen feel warm and homey.

I did a little happy dance!

Small table lamp on kitchen counter to add warm and cozy feel.

I have had it on the counter with a 60-watt bulb for a few days now and really like how something that required only seconds to do could make me so happy.

The electrical cord is clear which is a plus. I have it running behind a few items on the counter and then into an outlet on the backsplash.

The shade a little too big, so now I am on a mission to find a slightly smaller lamp to keep on the counter.

Candle on table with Christmas tree in the background

With the lamp in the kitchen, now both the living room and kitchen feel warm and cozy when it gets dark by 5:30 every night.

Small kitchen with a small lamp on counter to provide a cozy feel.

Try It Tonight

If you like a warm and cozy feel for your kitchen, try adding a small lamp from another room to your counter. When you turn it on, you may love the soft ambient glow it will add to your kitchen as much as I do.

Small Lamps I am Considering For My Kitchen Counter

Create a cozy kitchen in minutes using this lighting idea.

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