A Rustic, Inner-City Family Home Of 33 Years

Looking at images of this layered and lived-in home, it comes as no surprise it’s been in the one family for 33 years. 

Angela Richards, nurse and right-hand woman at Albert Park boutique Albert & Victoria, and her husband Sandy, business consultant and start-up investor, bought this 1860 Victorian Italianate terrace in Port Melbourne back in 1987.

The couple initially rented out a room to friends to help with mortgage repayments, but over time the property became their much-loved family home. Their three children have now moved out, so these days the grounds are shared with nine-year old white rabbit Gypsy, and bantam chickens Rose, Violet Ivy, Daphne, Clementine and Dulsie! 

From the street, the house looks almost exactly as it did in 1860, but numerous changes have been made inside. After 10 years living in the home, two rooms were added above the garage (once used as a

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This Sydney House Takes The High Ground

When Stafford Architecture were brought on to design a new house in Seaforth (12 kilometres north-east of Sydney’s CBD), they were immediately taken with the site’s conspicuous sandstone ridge. 

Development approval (sought by a previous owner) had already been approved to cut into this natural feature, but Stafford Architecture had other ideas. ‘On visiting the site and experiencing the magic of this leafy corner with the incredible sandstone ridge, we could not fathom building on top of and cutting into this significant feature,’ says Bronwyn Litera, senior associate at Stafford Architecture.

Luckily their clients agreed, and the parties worked closely to deliver a home highlighting this unique feature.

The resulting design positions the home’s living areas above this ridge. ‘We worked hard to maintain the rock as untouched,’ explains Bronwyn. ‘Structural connections were made as minimal as possible, services were concealed within the voids of the existing sandstone, and the

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Kerryn Levy’s Wonderfully Wonky, Curvaceous Ceramics

Adelaide-based Kerryn Levy’s covetable ceramic vessels are organic and fluid constructions bearing the human marks of their composition. Her forms are made through a slow, manual process of pinching, smoothing and folding clay into a functional shape, meaning they carry impressions of the fingers, nails and muscle that moulded them. Kerryn is inspired by the natural world, the human body and the connection between the two.

Both earthy and sculptural, Kerryn’s finished pieces look as though they might have been buried in the clay all along, awaiting the right practitioner to come along and reveal their final forms.

We recently spoke with Kerryn about her practice.

Hello Kerryn! It’s so nice to finally chat. To kick things off, what’s been your creative journey so far?

I first started working with clay at UniSA where I completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2014. After graduating I took some time away

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Joss and Main Pet-Friendly Sofa Sale October 2020

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

My partner and I have two dogs, Atticus and Scout, who 100 percent believe that our sofa is actually their sofa, and only begrudgingly scoot over to make room for the humans when it’s time for movie night or when we have friends over. Unfortunately, they also often have muddy paws and enjoy building pillow forts with the sofa cushions in their spare time. So when it came time to buy a new sofa, finding one that was pet-friendly was the top priority.

If your sofa situation is similar and you’re considering a new one, you’re in luck because Joss & Main is having a major sofa and sectional sale right now, which includes lots of pet- and kid-friendly options. We sifted through all the sofas and sectionals included in the sale to

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Dreamy Homewares From Maison Balzac To Level Up Your Dinner Table

It might be her background in fashion buying, or the chicness implicit in her French heritage, but Elise Pioch has crafted her homewares brand Maison Balzac with just the right amount of je ne sais quoi. In the eight years since its initial establishment as a candle atelier, Elise takes Maison Balzac’s ooze of playful elegance up a notch every time she launches a new collection. 

The Un Rêve collection is the latest addition to Elise’s cult brand. Using borosilicate glass, the Coucou range of geometric silhouettes introduces more complex shapes to the brand’s popular glassware offering, while tapered, shapely candle holders represent a total deviation from the brand’s roots in traditional scented candles. Made from sustainable palm wax, this sculptural variation on an old favourite product opens up a whole new space to experiment with colour, shape and form. Locally made perfumes and soy wax are among the

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Creating Captivating Content With The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney’s Digital Marketing And Media Coordinator, Victoria Ngu

Suffering the classic high school graduate uncertainty, Victoria Ngu approached her tertiary education by applying for the uni course that would give her the most breadth in job choices later down the track: a Bachelor of Business. Here is a case for hedging your bets! She ended up majoring in marketing and law, and graduated knowing two things for sure: 1) she had zero interest in finance, 2) the diversity of communications and creative campaigns was totally her jam!

While she performed the classic study/retail work juggle during her undergraduate years, Victoria also completed a slew of internships on the side. It’s this variety of experiences that led her first to The Sydney Opera House and then to Bangarra Dance Theatre as her first jobs out of uni. This string of incredible opportunities eventually wound up at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, where she has held the role of

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