4 Things to Take Down from Your Walls Before an Open House

What you put up on your walls says a lot about you as a person—everything from your favorite colors to your political beliefs to your overall personal sense of style. But this is exactly the opposite of what you want your walls to reflect when you’re trying to sell your home. Although you shouldn’t entirely strip your home of any personality, it’s a good idea to check yourself when it comes to the artwork and photographs on your walls before buyers start to come in and peruse. 

Unsure of what artwork to take down for a showing? Here’s what professional home stagers have to say about what belongs on your wall—and more importantly, what doesn’t. 

Before even getting to the type of artwork or photographs you have hung on the walls, you should first pay attention to what they’re even hanging in, especially if you’re having a massive display of

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Cabin-Style Tiny House Wheels Baluchon

Published: about 5 hours ago

Tiny homes can be sleek and minimal bordering on sterile, but they can also be cozy and warm, with space for just enough friendly clutter. One such tiny house is a cabin-style unit on wheels from French design company Baluchon.

Named Mogote, after the distinctively shaped limestone hills in Cuba, the house was created for a client who lives on a vineyard in Nantes, on France’s west coast.

The Mogote is based on a double-axle trailer and measures just under 20 feet long. It looks just as friendly on the outside as it does on the inside; an angled, blue aluminum roof and red cedar exterior wall give it a playful quality. 

A pair of sliding glass doors lead into the main living area, which has a fold-out sofa that sleeps two.

The kitchen includes a sink, a two-burner stove, cabinets and

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All-Clad Cookware Sale – June 2020

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It’s back and bigger (and better!) than ever! Yes, we’re talking about the All-Clad VIP Sale, which just kicked off with deals of up to 70 percent off the cookware brand’s classic stainless steelhard anodized and copper core pieces. In case you’re new here, the event is the perfect opportunity to replace old and beat-up cookware with All-Clad’s high-quality pieces without spending a fortune! This time around, the sale includes deals on some of the Kitchn staff’s best-loved cookware pieces, including Editor-in-Chief Faith’s favorite fry pan and skillet, Associate Food Editor Meghan’s treasured 2-qt. pan and Studio Food Editor Jesse’s can’t-do-without skillet. To access the limited-time event, visit the Home and Cook Sales site, which is hosting the sale, then enter your email address and

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Open-Concept Kitchen and Dining Room Redo

It can take years to make your home look the way you envision it in your head, to give it your style and also take into account functionality and livability. Four years ago, Ally Scott moved into her 1920s house, which she shares with her partner. At the time, Ally says the home wasn’t pretty—”it had been stripped of character,” she said, and the chopped-up layout made the kitchen feel small and the dining room feel dark. Rather than do a major overhaul all at once, Ally decided to handle renovating the home in phases.

The first thing Ally tackled was flooring, replacing the skinny wood boards with wide, dark ones with an upscale vibe. Then, she started tearing down walls—the one between the kitchen and dining room and the one that blocked the stairwell from view were both scrapped, with help from her dad. Ally then completely ripped out

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Use Up One Magic Eraser – Weekend Projects 2020

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Saturdays often come with a deep-seated feeling, maybe from long-ago instilled childhood habits, that some cleaning should probably get done. Maybe your first weekend morning is regularly sheet-washing time, or maybe you relish eschewing the designated chore time now that you’re an adult.

Either way, if you’re up for a weekend project, this one’s fun and easy. We’re going to take one Magic Eraser (or a generic melamine sponge—they’re the same thing) and “erase” smudges and dirty spots all over the house until the Magic Eraser is all used up.

The payoff is twofold: By using the Magic Eraser until it’s “finished,” you’ll be motivated to keep scrubbing long past your usual stopping point, tackling some areas that rarely get cleaned. And you’ll also save yourself from the awkwardness of storing

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10 Easiest Herbs to Grow – Best Herbs for Fast Growth

Updated: about 3 hours ago

Green thumb or not, having an herb garden is a guaranteed way to saturate your dishes with flavor, open doors for more DIYs, and make your home feel a little livelier. While other plants in your apartment or home provide air filtration and something pretty to look at, growing herbs gives you something a little bit closer to instant gratification. You won’t be able to help feeling a little bit proud each time you harvest a few leaves for a new bake, DIY bath soak, or freshly brewed tea.

If you don’t resonate with the title “green thumb,” it’s likely that you’ve avoided houseplants and herbs. Thankfully, there is a large list of low maintenance and very user-friendly herbs that don’t require master gardener knowledge to grow and keep healthy—yes, you can keep something alive! By following the tips below, you’ll be able to

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