Zodiac Predictions for This Year — Astrology Advice for Home Life

No one knows what to expect when they ring in the new year. That is especially true for 2021. In the best case scenario, a post-coronavirus society will hopefully begin to emerge as millions of people receive their vaccinations—but what will this year hold for the ways we work, socialize, and live from home? Instead of remaining in the dark about the future, why not look to the stars to guide the way? 

Apartment Therapy spoke with two astrologers  to gain insight about what lies ahead for each sign in the zodiac, and how the universe will impact each sign’s home life. Read ahead to discover what your sign should expect in 2021.

Aries (March 21 — April 19)

Aries has been restless over the last six months—itching to get out of the house. It’s no surprise that the zealous and determined Aries was bogged down by inactivity in 2020.

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Bullet Journaling Tips — How to Make Dot Journaling Work for You

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Bullet journaling—the popular organizational method first debuted by Ryder Carroll in the 1990s—is still going strong. There are podcasts, blog posts, and fancy layouts dedicated to all things BuJo—not to mention all of the Instagrammers who post their bullet journal layouts, affirmation pages, and gratitude logs. Those who stick to the bullet journaling habit swear it keeps their life organized and on track. 

The process has definitely worked for me. I’ve been committed to using my BuJo for the last three years: I love color-coding each block and swear that it helps me maintain both my mediation practice and exercise routine, and encourages me to drink water. When I flip open my tracker and see several “x”s in a row, I am motivated to resume whatever habit I am neglecting.

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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Tip from HGTV Stars

Nicoletta Richardson

Entertainment Editor

In her spare time, Nicoletta loves marathoning the latest Netflix show, doing at-home workouts, and nurturing her plant babies. Her work has appeared in Women’s Health, AFAR, Tasting Table, and Travel + Leisure, among others. A graduate from Fairfield University, Nicoletta majored in English and minored in Art History and Anthropology, and she not-so-secretly dreams of exploring her family lineage in Greece one day.

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Easy Life Improvement Habits and Hacks – How to Upgrade Your Life at Home

Not only is learning another language a scientifically-backed way to improve your concentration, memory, and decision-making skills, you can do it from home in your sweatpants! Apps like Duolingo, which uses fun games to teach you new words and phrases, and HelloTalk, which connects you with native speakers around the globe so you can practice your foreign language skills in conversation, are free to download and allow you to become more multilingual from the convenience of your smartphone.

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