Spring Kitchen Decorating Ideas | In My Own Style

 Simple Spring kitchen decorating ideas that you can add to a kitchen that are both pretty and budget friendly.

Yesterday, I shared how I decorated my living room mantel for spring and how I shopped my house to find decorative items to use. Today I am sharing how I added a few old and new decorative items to my kitchen to get it ready for spring. My kitchen is white and in past years I added spring color by making shelf backdrops for open shelves. This year I added spring colors in a different way.

Spring decorations for the kitchen using blue, white, pink and green.Spring Kitchen Decorating Ideas

You know I like to decorate with white so I can accent it with pops of color.  For spring this is easy to do since spring is blooming with so many vibrant and happy colors. I chose to use my favorite colors… blue, pink, and green in the kitchen.

Kitchen counter decorating ideas for Spring


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Why I Painted a Floor to Ceiling Chalkboard Wall in My Kitchen

How to Create a Floor to Ceiling Chalkboard on a Wall

In my early days of blogging I wrote a post entitled, How to Draw Like an Artist on a Chalkboard. It is where I shared all the chalkboard drawing tips I learned over the years, like dipping the chalk in water before using. In my previous house I had a large chalkboard in the kitchen and later moved it to the dining room where I enjoyed changing what was on it for the season, like drawing a turkey on the chalkboard for Thanksgiving and a 3-D Bunny on the board for Easter.

After we moved to the lake house and I painted the kitchen cabinets, I hung a small chalkboard on a wall to continue drawing on it for the seasons, when entertaining and for celebrations. It was fine, but small for the ideas I wanted to

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Adding a Kitchen Island to My Small Kitchen

When you have a small kitchen like I do, there are not a lot of options for an affordable and functional kitchen island. I have looked into making one to hacking IKEA shelves into a narrow island, but finally found the perfect option to fit my decorating style.

I have “a thing” about a few things…  like pom-poms and polka dots, but I also have “a thing” for furniture on wheels. I made a craft cart on wheels when I first started blogging and the rolling desk that I made for a BHG furniture hack contest. I even added wheels to a bifold door in my previous house.

Kitchen island in my previous house

For the past year I have been seriously searching for a small island to buy or make for my small kitchen. In my previous home, we had a nice sized kitchen island.


I took for

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Choosing a Wood Floor Stain Color for My Kitchen & Living Room

If you are looking to refresh or refinish the hardwood floors in your home, I am in the process of having the floor in my kitchen and living room refinished. I am sharing ideas and tips that will help make choosing the stain color and finish easier.

Over the past 3 weeks, my house has been undergoing two “big home improvement projects”.  My usual modus operandi is to go back and forth between larger projects and smaller ones, but these two projects just hit at the same time and have been taking all my time and attention.

Both projects have involved the process of having to choose a color and not just for a piece of furniture, but for the exterior of my house and a new color for the hardwood floor in my kitchen and living room.  I am very excited about both projects and how they are turning

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My Hardwood Floor Refinishing Reveal

If you missed my previous posts, I had the hardwood floor in my living room and kitchen refinished by Bona. My first post about the hardwood floor refinishing process focused on meeting with a Bona Certified Craftsman to sample and choose a few stain colors and finishes. Then I posted about the sanding and staining process.

Today I am sharing the reveal showing you how the Bona REFINISH treatment transformed not only the flooring, but my decor as well.

Bona DriFast stained floor in Grey

The last photo I shared with you of my newly refinished hardwood floor was of the grey stained floor in my living room with no furniture.

Well – I finally had the time to get the furniture back into my living room and kitchen.

Hardwood Floor BEFORE

Living room showing hardwood floor that has turned orange over time

Here is how the floor looked before getting the Bona REFINISH Treatment.

The floor was in good shape for the most part,

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4 Simple Styling Tricks for Kitchen Counters

4 simple styling tricks for kitchen counters including a vase made from a tin can and other everyday items that can provide both function and style to your kitchen.

I have a small kitchen and am always on the lookout for easy decorating ideas on how to maximize the small amount of counter space I have without making them look cluttered.

When I saw this decorative kitchen counter arrangement of items on Pinterest, I loved it. The silver vase with glitter accent, the pink roses, the black and white tile backsplash and the stack of cookbooks. Everyday stuff – artfully displayed.

When adding items on top of my kitchen counters, I always have to start by adding functional items first, then if I have room leftover, I can add the pretty.

But this is not the case for one awkward section on my kitchen counter that is in the corner

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