How to Make a Floor to Ceiling Plate Rack on a Wall

A floor to ceiling plate rack wall that looks built-in doubles as a place for decorative storage as well as a way to enhance an awkward wall that is hard to decorate. Making one for your home is easy to customize to fit a wall of any size.

Plate racks and built-in plate rack walls are not anything new in the decorating world, but for me – it’s a first.

I have always liked them, but had a large china hutch in my previous home and didn’t really need another place to display my collection of white plates, pitchers and platters.

Now, after living without a dining room and that hutch in my current home for 5 years, I miss seeing my collection and wanted to find a way to display more of it in my kitchen. I have the collection of white pitchers and soup tureens on the open

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The Coziest New Addition to My Kitchen

How to make your kitchen feel cozy in minutes.

I love all things house and home related, especially when they are pretty, comfortable and cozy.

Over the last 9 months it has taken some adjustment not being able to get out and about like I used to. Instead of letting this upset me, I have found ways to embrace staying home.

With the holiday season and the arrival of the cold weather, I have been seeking out how to make my house feel cozier.

I successfully “cozied up” the living room, but the overhead lighting in the kitchen, even with candlelight wasn’t feeling cozy enough for me.

wine on table with candles and glasses

I tried to think of ways to up the “cozy factor” of the kitchen since I spend so much time in it. A glass of wine and candlelight always help, but still not enough. 🙂

So I had to think…

How Can Make

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Making a 2 Tiered Kitchen Basket Stand

How to take a 3 tiered metal stand and create a 2 tiered kitchen basket tray stand.

I am going to show you what I semi-handmade over the weekend. My goal was to add a little bit of fall decor in the way of texture and organizing to my kitchen.

I always enjoy tinkering with items such as the 3 tiered tray stand in the photo below. I like to see if I can come up with something new, using a part of it, then swapping another part out or even completely repurpose it. I would love to design a line of decor items someday that go with all the ideas in my head.

unassembled 3 tiered white metal stand.

This is exactly what I did with this white 3 tiered metal stand that I use when entertaining and for the holidays in my kitchen. It was a gift from a friend when we first

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Where to Find Free Decorating Fabric to Use In Your Home

Budget decorating idea on where to find free fabric to decorate your home. Hint… it may be something you already own. Don’t throw it out like I almost did!

wood deck with umbrella in metal stand

Last summer, one of the deck umbrellas on my deck broke. We fixed it as well as we could. This summer “our fix” broke and the umbrella was a goner.

Broken patio umbrella on two deck rocking chairs

Instead of throwing the whole thing in the trash, I threw away the mechanical frame and kept the durable Sunbrella fabric cover you see in the photo above.

What Did I Do With the Fabric?

I repurposed it into something perfect to decorate my kitchen for the fall season.

If you have read my blog for awhile you know I enjoy finding ways to reuse, recycle and repurpose items into decorative objects and decor.

It makes me feel good that I am saving money and helping the planet at the same

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One Last Decorating Detail to Update

When it comes to making your house truly your home – every little decorating detail matters.

I have pretty much transformed every surface in my house over the 5 years since we moved to the lake. I still had one small detail to update though. It was not a big deal in the grand scheme of updating and decorating a house, but for me getting this last detail updated by adding my own style was a very big deal.

It is the last part of the house where the previous owner’s tastes still exists and it has taken me 5 years to get it done…. talk about procrastination!!!

Before gearing up to decorate the house for fall, I thought I would finally get this detail updated.

Old vinyl Contact brand shell motif adhesive shelf liner.

I am 5’5″ tall and only see the bottom shelf when I open my kitchen cabinets above the stove where the previous

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DIY Recipe Box Using a Wine Crate

What can you put into a wooden wine crate after the wine is gone? You can repurpose it and make one chic DIY recipe box for your kitchen to hold and organize all your favorite recipes.

I promised last week that I would show you one last item that I wanted to make for my kitchen cart island.

A few posts ago I shared that I added a second shelf to the island. One of the reasons I added the second shelf to my rolling island kitchen cart was that I wanted a handy place for my recipe box.

I have a small kitchen with no room to keep it handy. 5 years ago, I totally reorganized my recipe box. How I organized it has worked extremely well over the years so I didn’t change that aspect of the box. I did however want to give the box a

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