This Sculpture Collaboration Is A Match Made In Heaven!

The best part about a collaboration between two established practices is the new creative energy that emerges from their fusion. Kate Florence and Lucas Wearne (aka Neighbourhood Studio) have distinct styles in totally separate mediums, yet their partnership on this collection of one-off painted limestone sculptures feels foretold from the very beginning.

Together they have produced Genesis, a collection of painted sculptures that explores the conversation between dimension, form and colour. Kate’s warm, soft lines join Lucas’ rough, textured forms in the series of classical-inspired sculptures that celebrate the handmade process. We caught up with Kate to ask her how it all came about.

Hi Kate! Let’s jump right into it. What is your background and for how long have you been making art?

I am originally from the United Kingdom and studied at Winchester School of Art, but I moved to Melbourne two years ago to pursue

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DIY Tiny Rental Kitchen Redo

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It can be hard to figure out how to make a plain rental kitchen feel welcoming—especially on a tight budget. KC Cibran (@thecasaverde) knows the struggle. She lives in a pre-war rental apartment in New York City, where the appliances are “ancient” and the kitchen “looked old and dingy when I first moved in,” KC says. “I really didn’t like the overwhelming white and dreaded cooking in there.”

But she couldn’t afford to go all-out on decor. “I’m on an assistant’s salary in New York City so almost everything in my apartment is very low budget!” KC says. So in redoing her apartment’s kitchen, she challenged herself to stay under $100 for the whole thing and use items she already owned whenever possible. “My main goal was to just put my

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Paul Maher’s Paintings Dwell On The Fringes Of Urban Wilderness

Paul Maher’s urban coastal landscapes rarely contain people, yet their marks are everywhere across his compositions. ‘You can tell a lot about a place by the traces people leave behind,’ he explains. ‘The informal paths, the obstacles, the place where vegetation has been untouched and where it is neatly groomed,’ he says. And it’s these echoes of human existence that intrigue him most.

In Paul’s paintings, the shapes of solitary buildings are reflected in still bodies of water, treetops shimmer in the ripples of the tide, a boat is docked at a small pier. His scenes all quiver with the promise of human life that never quite materialises. His measured, delicate brushstrokes mediate these tranquil settings to his canvas, in a perfectly restrained pastel palette. He is inspired by his contemporaries, Australian landscape painters like Peter Gardiner, Tom Carment and Junko Hagiwara.

Paul’s home studio in the heritage

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Crystallized Book Art Alexis Arnold

Published: about 7 hours ago

Books convey meaning through words, but they’re also physical objects, whose materials react to environmental conditions and the passage of time. This is what Alexis Arnold examines in her ongoing series, Crystallized Books, in which she treats found books with a borax solution so they grow crystals.

The resulting objects look like books frozen in time — dropped in the snow and abandoned, or mysteriously calcified mid-read.

They also resemble layered rocks, laminated pastries, frozen waterfalls, bent bodies. They tell a different story now than the ones printed in their pages.

The series “addresses the materiality versus the text or content of a book,” the artist explains on her website.

“The crystals remove the text and solidify the books into aesthetic, non-functional objects. The books, frozen with crystal growth, have become artifacts or geologic specimens imbued with the history of time,

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An ‘Upside Down’ Family Home Floating Among The Treetops

The Riverview house by Nobbs Radford Architects has been designed to blend into the bushy parklands surrounding it. Owing to the steep and rocky block the house sits upon, the central hub of the house is located on the second floor, with views to the treetops outside. The architect’s central concern was to maximise the connection between the home’s inhabitants and this surrounding landscape.

Materials and colours were selected to naturally frame the treetop vista, while internal design work was focused on re-choreographing the existing floorplan around day-to-day-family life. ‘The clients wanted us to reorganise their home, rather than add extra space,’ explains director, Alison Nobbs.

As the house is situated on a steep slope, its unusual layout flips a conventional residential floorplan, with the entry on the lower level and communal spaces above. On the upstairs floor, the generous kitchen is the central hub of the house, and Alison’s

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10 Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Window Boxes

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While hanging plants and container gardens get their fair share of plant hype when springtime rolls around, it’s worth considering the always lovely window boxes. Though it’s tempting to run to the nearest nursery and grab anything that catches your eye, there are a few considerations to account for so your window box flowers stay healthy and happy. 

First, the hardiness zone you live in helps determine what plants will thrive in your environment, so check to see where your area falls. And think about the amount of sun your boxes will get: If your window boxes are covered by trees or roofing, shade-friendly plants are ideal, but if direct light is hitting your planters, flowers that can thrive in those conditions are a good bet.

Petunias, geraniums, and begonias are classic window

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