A Cascading, Compact Garden That Envelopes Its Newtown Home

Mark Bell of Bell Landscapes cautions against minimalism when designing a garden on a small footprint space. ‘There is the perception that using lots of plants encloses the space and makes it feel smaller.’ But rather, he says, empty pockets make the space feel sparse and underwhelming.

By carefully considering the compact dimensions and curating a thoughtful selection of plants, Mark devised a planting scheme of varied textures, shapes and sizes to create an illusion of depth in this suburban Newtown garden. This clever trick of layering is no more apparent that in the ground coverings, which are dense and varied, each offering different heights and textures of foliage.

Mark;s initial brief was to envelope the pre-existing terrace house with greenery. With a rear terrace, rooftop garden and internal courtyard to work with, his focus was to spread the plantings across various levels and sections of the site. Sticking to

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How to Clean a Mirror: Step by Step with Photos

Lots of frustrating things can happen when you’re cleaning, but finishing with a less-clean surface or space than you started with is probably at the top of the list. Prime example: when you’re performing a labor of love on your bathroom mirror (or really, any mirror), but you end up with twice the work you set out to do because of streaks. The good news is, if you take the right steps, it doesn’t have to be this way!

If you’re looking for totally clean and streak-free mirrors, start with the right tools. First: Consider your cleaner. You probably know using an all-purpose cleaner isn’t the best idea, since it’ll make the glass cloudy. But even mirror-specific products like Windex, while effective at cleaning, can leave your mirror full of streaks because they contain so much soap.

While streaks are annoying, they aren’t the only issue that can come

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Maximalist Home Office Update for $140

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Working from home has plenty of pros, but when your small office (or dining room table desk combo) is cramped, cluttered, or dark, it can make every day feel like a Monday. Susie Levache (Bananashed Home) had a work room that had been collecting dust before—but now that she was working from home on the regular, she no longer wanted to settle for a subpar space. “My office was the smallest room in the house and had become a dumping ground—a cemetery for old clothes and useless furniture that was redundant from other rooms!” Susie says. Plus, the dark, dim environment made it tough to decorate. “It was such a dreary north-facing room that I struggled to decide on wall colors to begin with,” she says.

While Susie had always

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July Is Bringing The Sights Of Overseas Travel Into Your Home!

This time last year, Melbourne-based start-up July hit the market running, revolutionising the Australian travel industry with their slick range of innovative contemporary luggage and travel accessories. Named after the month that many Australians flee the Southern Hemisphere in search of sunshine and saltwater, its needless to say that July this year is looking a little different. While we won’t be jet setting out of the country anytime soon, July (the brand!) is bringing the sights of overseas travel into your home!

Enter July’s newest offering, Travel Editions. Created out of a desire to offer support to Australian creatives hit hard by COVID-19, July founders Athan Didaskalou and Richard Li are teaming up with a group of incredible Australian photographers to bring high-quality photographic prints of fabulous faraway places into the home. ‘In a moment where the world stopped moving, we wanted to find inspiration and bring the outside

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A Day In The Life Of Artist And Designer Rachel Castle

It’s the mark of a true creative spirit when they spend every spare second making something for the sake of it. This was how it all began for Rachel Castle, who picked up embroidery in the early hours of the evening when her young kids were in bed, the only time she had to herself during their childhood years. It was here that her true calling revealed itself.

But before she was an artist, designer, and the director of her own small business, Rachel’s professional life meandered from PR to marketing. She and friends Alex Willcock and Russell Pinch used to run a branding company in the United Kingdom, but when their second child was born, Rachel left the business to become a full-time mother. She considers this the best decision she ever made.

‘I believe you can definitely have everything in life, just not all at once,’ she

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Showstopping Ceramic Lamps And Sculptures By Sarah Nedovic

Sarah Nedovic‘s back-to-front route to lighting design is evident in her ‘Lady’ lamps. After picking up her first lump of clay only a few years ago, the artist (and now lighting designer!) started experimenting with sculpture, before her interests expanded to lighting. Now her sculptural ceramic bodies form the bases of her lamps, standing tall and proud as works of art in their own right. The sharp line of each ‘Lady’s’ lampshade fans out gracefully, perched atop each base almost like a striking hat. They’re total showstoppers, and perfect studies in balance, shape and form.

Hey Sarah! Can you tell us a little more about the process of creating you Lady lamps? What materials do you use, and how long do they usually take? 

For my lamps, I always start by sketching the designs on paper and then use the drawings as a guide for how the pieces come

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