10 Easiest Herbs to Grow – Best Herbs for Fast Growth

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Green thumb or not, having an herb garden is a guaranteed way to saturate your dishes with flavor, open doors for more DIYs, and make your home feel a little livelier. While other plants in your apartment or home provide air filtration and something pretty to look at, growing herbs gives you something a little bit closer to instant gratification. You won’t be able to help feeling a little bit proud each time you harvest a few leaves for a new bake, DIY bath soak, or freshly brewed tea.

If you don’t resonate with the title “green thumb,” it’s likely that you’ve avoided houseplants and herbs. Thankfully, there is a large list of low maintenance and very user-friendly herbs that don’t require master gardener knowledge to grow and keep healthy—yes, you can keep something alive! By following the tips below, you’ll be able to

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A Suburban Yard Transformed Into A Sophisticated Domestic ‘Park’

The plans to transform this typical suburban block in Ivanhoe into a multipurpose family space were guided largely by the existing architecture by Modscape. ‘A bold, modular extension to an existing home required an equally striking garden,’ says landscape architect and director at Mud Office, Mira Martinazzo. Her clients saw the expansive rolling plot as simply an opportunity to add another ‘room’ to their house.

‘Their brief stipulated the need for various zones to accomodate diverse family activities,’ Mira continues, listing an outdoor eating area, a fire pit, a lawn and entry garden as requirements for the large communal area.

Situated at the crest of a hill, the entire site had sense of elevation Mira wanted to enhance in the final garden. She incorporated the advantageous views beyond the fenceline into her designs when deciding on a planting scheme, allowing the stretching birch and low-lying rosemary shrubs to

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A Contemporary Farmhouse In Suburban Melbourne!

Designing a brand new house in an streetscape dominated by heritage homes is a major architectural challenge. In the case of this project in Fairfield (six kilometres north-east of the Melbourne CBD), however, there was little other option. The rundown weatherboard house on site needed replacing, and the clients didn’t wish to contribute to the growing number of unsympathetic new builds in the area. MRTN Architects were brought on to balance these requirements, creating a contemporary home that impressively and seamlessly nestles into its local context.

Key to this home’s success is its roof form, that mirrors the hip and gable forms common to the area, while concealing an innovative second storey. MRTN Architects director Antony Martin explains, ‘These roofs largely create the character of the neighbourhood, and were an important reference for how this new house design would fit in with its established neighbours.’

This project was also inspired

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Dining Room Turned Home Office

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Having the right WFH space when you’re indefinitely hunkered down at home makes all the difference in the world—no more Zoom calls from your bedroom or hunching over a coffee table in a living room “office.” That’s exactly what was on Hannah Bunker’s mind. The original dining room in her home was oddly positioned and filled with mirrors, and didn’t even fit all of her friends back when she was able to invite them over—so it was the perfect space to reimagine as a home workspace. “We like to host gatherings and our 14-seater table wouldn’t fit in the mirror room, so it became our office,” Hannah says. “We wanted something that could have two desks and hold lots of books because we’re insatiable book nerds.”

“The one thing we had to

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This Sculpture Collaboration Is A Match Made In Heaven!

The best part about a collaboration between two established practices is the new creative energy that emerges from their fusion. Kate Florence and Lucas Wearne (aka Neighbourhood Studio) have distinct styles in totally separate mediums, yet their partnership on this collection of one-off painted limestone sculptures feels foretold from the very beginning.

Together they have produced Genesis, a collection of painted sculptures that explores the conversation between dimension, form and colour. Kate’s warm, soft lines join Lucas’ rough, textured forms in the series of classical-inspired sculptures that celebrate the handmade process. We caught up with Kate to ask her how it all came about.

Hi Kate! Let’s jump right into it. What is your background and for how long have you been making art?

I am originally from the United Kingdom and studied at Winchester School of Art, but I moved to Melbourne two years ago to pursue

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DIY Tiny Rental Kitchen Redo

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It can be hard to figure out how to make a plain rental kitchen feel welcoming—especially on a tight budget. KC Cibran (@thecasaverde) knows the struggle. She lives in a pre-war rental apartment in New York City, where the appliances are “ancient” and the kitchen “looked old and dingy when I first moved in,” KC says. “I really didn’t like the overwhelming white and dreaded cooking in there.”

But she couldn’t afford to go all-out on decor. “I’m on an assistant’s salary in New York City so almost everything in my apartment is very low budget!” KC says. So in redoing her apartment’s kitchen, she challenged herself to stay under $100 for the whole thing and use items she already owned whenever possible. “My main goal was to just put my

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