Inside Meg Walter’s Lyrical Landscapes

Painter Meg Walters grew up in Bermuda, trained in London, and now lives in Northern NSW. And each location has informed a significant part of her artistic practice.

‘Growing up in several countries imbues you with multiple perspectives from a young age,’ she says. ‘You’re presented with not just one version of reality, but numerous, which leads to such a complex but rich understanding of life. Each place I’ve lived has offered me another identity, another heritage, another community and another group of family and friends.’

Formal study has also formed a large part of Meg’s artistic style. Originally graduating from Chelsea College of Art in London, she is now in her third year of study at the Byron School of Art in Byron Bay. This varied training, and time spent living in different places, gives her a unique  artistic perspective, and her practice is forever oscillating between themes of

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