Kerryn Levy’s Wonderfully Wonky, Curvaceous Ceramics

Adelaide-based Kerryn Levy’s covetable ceramic vessels are organic and fluid constructions bearing the human marks of their composition. Her forms are made through a slow, manual process of pinching, smoothing and folding clay into a functional shape, meaning they carry impressions of the fingers, nails and muscle that moulded them. Kerryn is inspired by the natural world, the human body and the connection between the two.

Both earthy and sculptural, Kerryn’s finished pieces look as though they might have been buried in the clay all along, awaiting the right practitioner to come along and reveal their final forms.

We recently spoke with Kerryn about her practice.

Hello Kerryn! It’s so nice to finally chat. To kick things off, what’s been your creative journey so far?

I first started working with clay at UniSA where I completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2014. After graduating I took some time away

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