How To Let Your Houseplants Thrive (And Keep Them Alive!)

For many of us living in inner-city apartments with limited access to greenery – and even for those living in more suburban or rural areas – caring for and tending to plants in our homes is something we should eagerly embrace.

When caring for plants, it’s best to try to mimic their natural environment, so it is important to understand where they originate, as well as how they grow in the wild. The key to success is to choose plant varieties that are best suited to the specific conditions in your space. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you are in a good position to select species that will thrive.


Understanding the light conditions of your space is key. To start, identify all available light sources and then take note of how the light moves through each space over the course of the day. The orientation of your

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An Early Flack Studio-Renovated House In St Kilda On The Market!

Nestled in a quiet pocket of St Kilda is ‘Everly’, a quintessentially ‘Melbourne’ Victorian family home. It has been the dream home for a family of five for the last seven years.

Over that time, lawyer and arts advocate Christine Fleer and her husband Gavin have lovingly converted this heritage home into a contemporary four-bedroom family pad, with some serious design creds. The home features a RATHER fabulous renovation and custom kitchen by Melbourne interior design superstars Flack Studio – from before they were ‘famous’! Christine and her family have come to love their kitchen so much, she says they’ll miss it ‘like a relative’!

Christine also notes the flow of the house as a real highlight. The bedrooms and bathrooms come off a wide entry hall, leading to the expansive open plan living and dining space, which opens out to a pergola overlooking the garden (designed by

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A Day In The Life Of Australian Fashion Icon, Lee Mathews

In case the title of this story didn’t give it away, I have a serious crush on Lee Mathews.

When I was a teenager, my Mum used to drag me across town to Armadale High Street to sit on a stool and wait outside some change rooms, while she slipped out of her chef’s clothes and into different dresses made of crimson silk or rich, chestnut cotton.

These were the early days of Lee’s brand, and her designs were unlike anything I’d seen before. The sumptuous fabric flowed in cascades, cinched at just the right part of the body and always perfectly structured. Her designs are an elegant combination of functional and feminine: the uniform of the sophisticated modern woman, with just the right decorative flourishes. I couldn’t wait until I was grown up enough to wear them.

Lee just *gets* women, and what they want to wear. Her

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