A New Book Celebrates 22 Female Artists At The Top Of Their Game

Patricia Piccinini has created a new way of filtering the world. Her art questions what happens to us when we recognise that we are just one animal among many. Patricia is best known internationally for her too-human animal sculptures, the collision of nature and insane genetic experimentation. Her sculptures are unsettling and grotesque, but with a mythological sort of beauty.

Patricia was born in Sierra Leone but raised in Canberra, and is now based in Melbourne. She has spoken about the ‘handicap’ of being an Australian artist – the tyranny of distance is a real challenge for Australian creatives, forcing us to work twice as hard to be heard.

I asked Patricia to share some lessons that art school cannot teach you. The recipe for success as a global artist, then, is taking these lessons on hard work, connections and believing in your worth, and multiplying them by 100.


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