The Mindboggling Artistry Of The Opera House Tapestries

After visiting a pair of tapestries at the Sydney Opera House by Australian abstract artist, John Coburn, last year, mid-century design enthusiast Tim Ross was struck by their magnificence. They were at once soaring and grounded, vast and intimate. They were originally commissioned as curtains, designed to represent the vitality and exuberance of performance within the institution’s interior design. They had been in storage since the ’80s, until just last year, when a mammoth conservation effort was undertaken to restore them.

Inspired by the tapestries’ intricate fabrication and close-to-forgotten existence, Tim embarked on creating a new podcast to explore the history and significance of the textiles, plus two others designed by modern architectural pioneer, Le Corbusier, and the Opera House’s own controversial architect, Jørn Utzon. Through a series of interviews conducted with specialists and personal relatives, House Stories: The Tapestries reveals the swashbuckling tales of excitement and

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Two Kitchen Transformations – Affordable Update To Complete Overhaul!

Kitchen 1: Complete Overhaul 

After an incident of a guest putting the electric kettle onto the gas cooktop (oops!), which caused a lot of smoke and damage, it was time for a whole new kitchen.

The clients renovated this Edwardian home in the late nineties, and it had seen her children grow up and eventually move out. Their needs have changed, and they wanted their space to reflect that.

What they wanted: 

The clients wanted to include a wine fridge, and they wanted to continue to use the kitchen as a space to entertain when friends and neighbours dropped over. Apart from that, they left the rest up to me – #dreamclient!

What to keep: 

There were a few things that they wanted to retain: the existing layout, the rangehood (it was brand new as the existing one was damaged in the kettle fire) and existing walk-in-pantry that suited them

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