Two Best Friends Create A Contemporary Apartment In A Former Factory

It’s probably many people’s dream to create something of significance with their oldest childhood friend. Michael Roper of Architecture Architecture was overjoyed when he actually got the chance to do it, by redesigning the warehouse apartment of his lifelong buddy, lighting designer Jess Perry. Over a number of in-person design sessions, the pair nutted out how to transform the cramped ‘90s renovation into something more contemporary – down to a precise layout and the perfect combination of construction materials.

Given the small footprint, the most important consideration here was to create a spacious feel. This involved opening up the living rooms and relocating the kitchen and bathroom, in order to make the spaces seem more generous, and to filter in as much natural light as possible. The kitchen was repositioned to the rear wall – where ample bench space could be tucked neatly into a discrete enclave. This also

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