A California-Style Summer House In A League Of Its Own

The Sorrento Beach House by Pandolfini is unlike its neighbours. For starters, it’s a single storey home in a landscape dominated by multi-storey beach houses clamouring for seaside views. Secondly, it focuses attention on an internal central garden instead of towards a traditional costal outlook.

‘Rather than competing for water views with the adjacent houses, the single level house nestles into the landscape and focuses inward,’ explains director, Dominic Pandolfini. After all, the brief was for a simple and relaxed house, suited to the holiday lifestyle of a family of five. Spectacular natural views don’t necessarily form part of that equation.

Instead, the house is organised around a central garden, which can be viewed from all angles of the residence. The final structure consists of five brick pavilions connected by glass bridges and wrapped around the central courtyard (designed by Fiona Brockhoff), an arrangement which integrates greenery throughout.


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