I Keep a Sun Catcher in My Kitchen With My Brother’s Ashes

Maura Walz


Maura is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in Chalkbeat, Georgia Public Broadcasting, KPCC – Southern California Public Radio/LAist, NBC News, and other outlets. She also publishes an occasional newsletter, The Walz Electric, in which she shares reflections on books, television and film, philosophy, culture, and politics. Her apartment is filled with too many books, and she’d love to recommend one to you.

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Jean-Pierre Biasol On The Modern Classic Interior – The Design Files

Creating a ‘modern classic’ interior sounds like a simple proposition, but requires a level of restraint that can be hard to pull off.

One designer whose work consistently strikes this careful balance is Jean-Pierre Biasol of Melbourne based design studio Biasol. After studying in Europe, Jean-Pierre launched his design studio in Melbourne in 2012. Perhaps best known for their stunning hospitality fit-outs, the studio also create seriously stylish residential interiors.

For Jean-Pierre, creating a modern classic aesthetic is about striving for a sense of timelessness, in order to remain relevant both now and into the future. A big part of his approach, is integrating classic design silhouettes into contemporary, architectural interiors. He’s a fan of heritage Austrian furniture brand Wittmann, whose curvy Vuelta tub chairs by superstar Spanish designer Jaime Hayon lend an element of elegance and comfort to Jean-Pierre’s own workspace, ‘Officina Biasol’ in Cremorne.

Hey Jean-Pierre!

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