One Last Decorating Detail to Update

When it comes to making your house truly your home – every little decorating detail matters.

I have pretty much transformed every surface in my house over the 5 years since we moved to the lake. I still had one small detail to update though. It was not a big deal in the grand scheme of updating and decorating a house, but for me getting this last detail updated by adding my own style was a very big deal.

It is the last part of the house where the previous owner’s tastes still exists and it has taken me 5 years to get it done…. talk about procrastination!!!

Before gearing up to decorate the house for fall, I thought I would finally get this detail updated.

Old vinyl Contact brand shell motif adhesive shelf liner.

I am 5’5″ tall and only see the bottom shelf when I open my kitchen cabinets above the stove where the previous

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Browse These Father’s Day Favourites With 25% Off Thames & Hudson Australia! – The Design Files

Books are THE quintessential Father’s Day gift, but spicing it up from the average sports biography or crime thriller can sometimes feel a little risky. Thankfully, in partnership with Thames & Hudson Australia we’ve done the heavy lifting for you in that department. Here’s our roundup of our top Father’s Day picks from the publisher’s range of Dad-worthy titles, which you can shop – right from this story!

Rather than a classic hardback from the military history section, opting for some unorthodox nonfiction stories is a more creative gift idea. From an illustrated history of colour to the ten drinks that shaped Australia, these titles take a refreshing and interesting approach to forgotten pasts.

On the other hand, large-format art books are a pretty fail-safe approach, particularly if they concern local artists! Go behind the scenes of street art legend Rone’s murals and installations, or take a deep dive

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