A Curvaceous Renovation Of A Victorian Terrace In Sydney

Looking at images of this project, you probably wouldn’t guess its former life as a grand Victorian home, or that it was most recently functioning as a bed and breakfast, but that’s the beauty of Carter Williamson’s design. 

Prior to its recent transformation, this residence had been given a late 2000s renovation with lockable rooms, causing a disconnect in the floor plan. The architect’s brief was simple – turn a building of disparate rooms into a cohesive, family home. ‘The clients didn’t want any additional footprint added to the house, they simply wanted the existing floor plan of the house to better function for their family’s needs,’ says Shaun Carter, principal at Carter Williamson.

The architects’ response was to rationalise the floor plan, and bring back the historical grandeur of a magnificent Victorian terrace, in a contemporary manner. ‘We were inspired by the High Victorian Period – an exposition

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The Melbourne Florist Who Flipped Her Businessl To At-Home Delivery

Buy A Bunch couldn’t be further from the work I regularly do,’ explains Gina Lasker, the Melbourne florist behind floral studio Georgie Boy. Gina usually specialises in events, but after the suspension of public and private gatherings in Victoria, she knew her business model needed to take a quick, sharp turn. For the time being at least.

‘A few people mentioned that they would love to send or receive a bunch of flowers right now while they’re housebound, but I really wasn’t convinced there was enough demand,’ Gina recalls. ‘It wasn’t until I spoke to my growers and suppliers about the devastating effects of the pandemic on their businesses, that I decided I would take it week by week and see if this was a service people wanted.’

And sure enough, it was. Gina’s bouquets have sold out every week since the launch of Buy A Bunch,

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