Expert Advice For Creatives, Freelancers and Small Business On Managing Your Finances In This Crisis – The Design Files

Understanding your financial position is like knowing what you have in your kitchen before you start cooking a meal – you don’t just start peeling carrots and hope that your dinner will work itself out as you go. And after the six weeks we’ve all had, it’s never been more important to be across your finances!

All of our clients, friends and collaborators are looking for answers. How long is this going to last? What am I entitled to? What are my obligations? Literally when am I going to run out of money?

There’s no better time than right now to share a little guidance with you all, on how to best protect yourself from the bumpy ride ahead. Things are changing all the time, but this information is what I’ve been sharing with my clients, pieced together from discussions with industry colleagues, and cold hard facts from the treasurer

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