A Space-Efficient Family Home Filled With Colour + Personality!

The candy cane palette of Sibling Architecture’s latest project is more than just a lolly box filled with fizzy sherbet hues and bubblegum pink. Colour was vital to the clients Nadine Christensen and James Lynch, who are both artists, and became a central component in the design of this home.

The bathroom’s colour scheme looks almost like a tequila sunrise, the beaming orange shower screen giving way to walls lined in white tiles paved with red grout! The inverse exists on the shower floor, where crimson tiles give the washing space a warm, deep glow that echoes the neon pink steel grid latticing the exterior.

Geometric cut-outs of coloured film cling to glazing throughout the structure, mirroring the mid-century contours of Case Study houses along the West Coast of North America. Diagonal lines referencing the butterfly roofs and cranked colonnades typical of mid-century architecture are peppered throughout the house,

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11 Excellent, Affordable Rug Brands

11 Excellent, Affordable Rug Brands


Sasha Gattermayr

The Range rug in customised blue, starting at $740. Photo – Simon Watson.

The Range rug. Photo – Courtesy of Beni.

The Trellis rug in customisable yellow, $1,322. Photo – Simon Watson.

A Beni rug drying in the mountains. Photo – Grant Legan.


All Beni rugs are handmade in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, with pieces ranging from traditional and modern pre-designed patterns to totally customisable one-offs. Each design comes in 12 sizes, and each rug takes about 10 weeks from order to delivery,

Price point:

Prices start at $465 USD (approximately $790 Australian dollars) to $5,580 USD for the largest size (approximately $8,7650 Australian dollars) depending on size and customisation.

The New Day woven rug, pictured size 4’x6′ at $565. Photo – Clément Pascal.

The New Day woven rug, pictured size 4’x6′ at $565.

The New Day

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