Budget-Friendly Sources for Buying Plants Online

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You no longer have to leave the comfort of your couch to curate your houseplant collection or head into a nursery to pick up an extra hydrangea bush for your backyard. It’s great to shop local when you can. But if you feel like you need a fix of greenery right now, all you need to do is take out your phone during your evening Netflix binge. And you can have anything from a Chinese Money plant to a Juniper shrub delivered straight to your front door—all without breaking the bank. But not all online plant retailers are created equal. Ahead are some of the best places to buy popular houseplants online with your budget in mind. Now all you have to do is figure out how to keep them thriving!

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A Very Contemporary Country Escape

Hepburn Springs House is the weekender of a young family whose predominant residence is a Melbourne CBD apartment. As their apartment offers minimal privacy and no connection to nature, the owners were seeking a second house immersed in the landscape, where they could unwind from their busy lives. 

The site itself is a lush block with a natural gully in Hepburn Springs, located about 90 minutes north-west of Melbourne. On a plateaued slice of land, the home appears as two perpendicular forms among existing mature trees. Slate shingles envelope the large cabin-like form, while the guest wing adopts a lower, white rendered form. 

The cabin-like form of the main house was inspired by Peter Zumthor’s 1988 ‘Caplutta Sogn Benedetg’ (St Benedict Chapel) in Sumvitg, Switzerland, which is covered in timber shingles. This same treatment was originally planned for this project, however, due to strict bushfire building codes in the area,

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