Terrazzo Wall Living Room Project – DIY Contact Paper Accent Wall

Here’s proof that gorgeous spaces take time to come together—and even when lots of major changes are made to a space, one extra little upgrade can take it over the edge. When Michelle Moskaleno moved into her family’s 1995 home, the living room needed major help. Structurally, it was fine, but it definitely needed some help in the aesthetic department. “The walls were yellow-ish, there were no light fixtures besides the ceiling fan lights, and it had no curtains, only valances,” Michelle says.

“We gradually made some changes such as adding ceiling lights, getting new curtains, and doing a fresh coat of gray paint on the walls,” she says. But even after adding in their furniture, “it was still in much need of a touch of personality.”

Michelle calls her style eclectic, but leaning toward mid-century modern, so she decided to try a terrazzo accent wall where the TV was

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