Tackling My Next DIY Project…The Small Pantry

After taking a break the past few months from doing big projects around my house, I started one this week.

Pantry Organizing and storage ideas

Meet my pantry closet.  She is small, but I am determined to make her shine.

how to paint over stained louvered doors

You may remember when I painted the stained brown trim and louvered doors, white.

Small pantry closet makeover

My small pantry is not a walk-in style pantry, but a small closet right off my kitchen in the hallway that runs between my studioffice, hallway of darkness, and the foyer.

It is teeny compared to the pantry in my previous house that I wrote about here: How I Transformed a Coat Closet Into a Pantry

We made this pantry by adding onto and doubling the size of a single door coat closet that was in the mudroom. It made for one easy accessible and organized space that stored quite a bit.

I even covered the walls in

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Resources for Learning How to Knit, Crochet, Embroider, Punch Needle

Published: about 4 hours ago

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Now that many of us are sheltering in place at home, trying to find a way to keep our anxiety from taking us over, a few of my friends have reached out to ask where they can look online to start learning how to craft.

I’ve been knitting since childhood, knitting obsessively for about eight years, and embroidering for a couple years. When nonessential businesses aren’t closed, I work and teach part-time at a local yarn shop. I know I feel lucky to have crafts right now, to be able to lose myself in stitches, make something beautiful, and feel the satisfaction of finishing a project, no matter how small and personal.

Whenever I hear from someone who wants to try a new craft, I’m excited

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Times Like These… With New York Times Food Columnist And Author Alison Roman

Alison Roman is a food columnist for The New York Times, and a contributor to Bon Appetit, who is beloved for her casual, just-throw-it-together approach to cooking.

I hadn’t even made any of Alison’s recipes before kind of falling in love with her. Visiting her Instagram or reading her cookbooks feels like dropping by a friend’s house, and being invited to share the dinner or lunch or breakfast they were already making (but your friend also happens to be an incredible chef and best-selling cookbook author). It’s Nothing Fancy. But it is something special. Thanks for letting me repurpose that title.

So many people were disappointed when Alison’s trip to Australia was cancelled – she’s amassed quite the cult following here – but I feel so grateful to have had this conversation with her about how life has changed for her lately.  Instead of the chat we

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