How I Chose the Color to Paint the Exterior of My House

Tips to help you to make the right exterior house paint color choice.

Today is a very exciting day. After moving and living in the lake house for 3 years and 4 months – the exterior wood and trim on the house that is currently a dark teal green is going to be painted!

The teal color of the paint was one thing I didn’t like about the 1970’s era exterior from the day we first looked at the house with the real estate agent, especially on the front of the house.

House photos before makeover

I didn’t like the dark color on the downspouts, outlining the windows and doors. I didn’t mind it as much on the lake side of the house since the facade has a more rustic appeal, but the front has a modern brick ranch house vibe and the color never felt right to me.

Wall display of Glidden PPG paint colors at Home Depot

It has taken me time…

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